Emergency Spill Response

T&R Environmental response teams work swiftly and efficiently. Protecting the environment is always our top priority. 

We work on emergency spill sites by responding, containing and remediating threats to life and property under Article 12 of NYS Navigation Law. We respond for NYS DEC, local law enforcement, and emergency responders for containment and cleanup of transportation incidents and other spills. T&R is fully equipped to handle both hazardous and non-hazardous material responses.

  • Level A, B, C and D Hazmat Teams
  • Spill Response Team
  • MUTCD Compliant Traffic Control
  • Code Vacuum Units
  • 20+ Emergency Spill Response Pieces
  • Certified Cold and Warm Water Divers
  • Air and Soil Monitoring Equipment
  • Warehouse Fully Stocked with Supplies

Their response teams work swiftly and efficiently with protecting the environment as their top priority. T&R specializes in commercial vehicle incidents including containment and remediation of petroleum products and identifying and proper handling of cargo with a highly trained crew in hazardous materials handling and remediation.